Submit Class B Credits

Class B credits are the most flexible component of the NBCRNA's CPC Program. You can earn them through a variety of professional activities that you are likely already engaged in.

Class B Submission Criteria

Class B credits do not require prior approval or an assessment. Qualifying activities must do at least one of the following:

  • Enhances knowledge of anesthesia practice
  • Supports patient safety
  • or Fosters an understanding of the broader health care environment

View list of qualifying activities and Class B Credit (PDF via NBCRNA)

If you do not see an activity you believe may qualify as a Class B activity, contact to discuss whether that activity could be applied to the Class B requirement.

AANA only handles the technical aspects of Class B submissions while NBCRNA handles all matters pertaining to categorization, content, and credit.

If you are not an AANA member, it is your responsibility to maintain your Class B credit activity records on your own and report them during your CPC Renewal every four years.


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